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My First Ever (Kind-of) Blog Post!

My First Ever (Kind-of) Blog Post!


I’ve been thinking over the last few days about how some people might be starting to think that we’ve lost the plot going for Christmas Number One and maybe that it’s all a little bit ridiculous. It’s probably all those things but there is method in the madness…! 
Part of our job in schools is to make sure that our children get to an expected level of literacy, numeracy etc. but it’s about so much more than that. It’s about encouraging independence, resilience, confidence, a development of the whole-self and to have high aspirations.

We teach our children that anything is possible and this only works if we genuinely believe that to be true. When we sat down to plan a Royal Wedding a few months ago, we had a vision but none of us expected the horse-drawn carriages, helicopter flying overhead, hundreds lining the streets and international press coverage. It goes without saying that it was an incredible day and one that anyone involved with will never forget. 
I guess, we got a taste of thinking big!
We’ve had festivals on the field with a professional stage, lighting system and fireworks display that any council would be happy with for a lights switch on. At each turn, we have been inundated with offers of support and have been blown away by people’s kindness. Those who genuinely believe that anything is possible are, quite literally, queuing up to help us make the unbelievable happen. If you are one of those people reading this right now, I can’t begin to explain how special you are and what a difference you make to the world. A special mention goes to the lovely man who organised for us to have thousands of pound’s worth of flags, bunting and Union Jack paraphernalia, which made all the difference during our mock wedding of Meghan and Harry. We love people like you!

A few months ago, I did an assembly about dreams, goals and aspirations and one child said that they’d love to be a pop star and have a Number One. It got us thinking, why not?

So, rather than discard the notion to the rubbish pile; we decided to come up with a plan and show the children that we really should always follow our dreams and seize the day!

We didn’t think that we knew any professional music producers or sound engineers; we were delighted to find the incredible twosome of Simba and Will – we just knew they ‘got it’ immediately and we fell a bit in love with their energy! We saw the glint in their eye when we told them the big goal – Christmas Number One – and rather than laughing us out of the room, they asked where to sign up. Alongside our very talented Mrs Wild, Mrs Bryze, children and staff, they helped write and produce a song that would take 15-20 people way longer than the time that they actually had. Fleetwood High and the fabulous Emma sorted us out with all the recording gear we needed and a professional recording studio. We came up with an idea for the video and venues and companies couldn’t have been more helpful. The more we spoke to people, the more people were up for it and the momentum started to grow.

If the whole idea had a goal of a 10/10, we’d have fun even if we got to a 4, even a 3 would be a laugh, I reckon.

But then more special people got involved whose kindness is genuinely humbling – Anthony from the Winter Gardens Blackpool deserves a special mention. He has been so generous with his time and has even worked his magic and delayed the setting up of ‘The Wizard of Oz’ just so we can have our red-carpet launch of our Christmas single – ‘Light Up’ in the amazing Opera House. I can’t wait for our children to stand on the huge stage in the iconic 2,800 seater venue and perform as part of the entertainment for the audience. It goes without saying that it will be an experience that they will never forget and hopefully a true goose bumps moment. I hope they will go home walking a little bit taller for performing on the same stage as the likes of Frank Sinatra!

There have been many other people who have been helping us along the way; the totally lovely Michael in PR and Alzheimer’s Society who have been giving us help and advice. My wonderful other half, Alex, has spent hours helping me each night at home with the marketing and Kev and the talented team at Iced have sorted us out with a website and domain as well as countless other graphics and images to help the campaign. Thank you to you all for making this all happen.

Paula from Radio Wave, an ex-Flakefleet pupil has been so supportive and generous with her time and has been a driving force in the fabulous Radio Wave getting behind one of their local schools in trying to achieve the impossible. I’m looking forward to having them by our side as we progress on our journey towards Christmas.

Last week, we found out that BBC TV and Radio would be coming along, as well as a number of other media outlets.

I can’t tell you who it is but we got really, REALLY close to getting somebody very famous to come along to host our event but unfortunately they couldn’t re-arrange a filming session they had. Even though we didn’t quite pull it off, it was so exciting knowing that we got very close to signing them up!

Even if we don’t pull it off, I can’t tell you how proud I am to work in a school with staff and children who genuinely believe that we might just do it – they actually dare to dream and believe that we could achieve the impossible this Christmas. To encourage aspirations and dreams is tough, they don’t teach you how to do it at any school, college or university so to actually have everyone actively believing in their dreams is an incredible feeling. 
Even if we don’t hit the top spot this Christmas, we will have had a great shared experience and will all be a better person for it. We’re aiming for a 10/10 but even if we stop now, it would feel like we’ve pulled off something special and a very respectable 7/10!

If you’re one of those people out there who’ve been following our story and want us to achieve the unimaginable please share like never before and tell the world that you #daretodream.

***Single should be available on pre-order at the end of the week, ready for official release in the qualifying period in the week before the official charts are announced on Friday 21st December***